description: i’ve also been spending some time on tumblr. if we don’t, remember me creates the coolest gifs.

Procrastination Factor : 6 / 10

Amusement Factor : 7.5 / 10

description: A day in the life of New York City, in miniature, by Sam O’Hare. visually stunning. (click picture for video, embedding didn’t work?)

Procrastination Factor : 6.5 / 10

Amusement Factor : 8 / 10

description: a robot can paddle balls using motion detectors.  look ma no brains!

Procrastination Factor : 3 / 10

Amusement Factor : 4 / 10

description: i’ve been reading slashfilm quite a lot lately… i think ever since xmen first class i’ve rediscovered my love for film and nerdly things.  slashfilm is an all-things-movie-related, but with a nerd slant (aka comics, sci fi, fantasy, etc.).  (they do mainstream reporting too.)

Procrastination Factor : 10 / 10

Amusement Factor : 9 / 10 assuming you like movies and/or nerd things.

Apologies for being completely off the map in the month of June.  Writing is hard!  I’m hoping to keep more up to date now, and i’ve definitely found some cool things since.  I start with the least interesting out of the trifecta, working my way down to what i thought was the most interesting (LDC).  enjoy!

description: i think it’s self explanatory, but if not: they’re photos of writers with their kittehs.

Procrastination Factor : 4 / 10

Amusement Factor : i guess this is more interesting if you like kittehs and/or writers… which I do so i’m going to give it a 6 / 10.

description: 9 – 5 drudgery getting you down? take your rage out and live vicariously through a cartoon figure that allows you to kill your boss.  it’s like a morose choose your own adventure, except the ending is always the same (dead boss).

Procrastination Factor : 7 / 10

Amusement Factor : 7 / 10

description: the team at Paravel (perhaps of Cair fame?) go through leonardio di cap’s recent movies and gives you a summary of his …well him.  Along with this are similar pages on The Goonies, Alan Rickman and John Cusack, but I really think the LDC one is the best.

Procrastination Factor : 7 / 10

Amusement Factor : 10 / 10

description: canada’s election coming up. stuff about harper aka please don’t vote conservative.

Procrastination Factor : 8 / 10

Amusement Factor : amusement’s not really the correct word here. there’s a whole range of different relevant ways to describe this: political awareness; disappointment; anger, etc.. so let’s not score this one.


their youtube ads

the amusement factor here is 10 / 10 although some knowledge of canadian content required.

description: movie posters turned food-based.

Procrastination Factor : 7.5 / 10

Amusement Factor : 7 / 10

description: randy savage turns up in random places.

Procrastination Factor : 6 / 10

Amusement Factor : 5.5 / 10


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